About us

About us
Mink Horse is a unique Danish designed brand of equipment and clothing for Horse & Rider, founded in October 2011, and with opening of the web shop on 1 September 2012.

The idea was borne out of frustration over how difficult it was to find comfortable, well-fitting, fashionable riding breeches. We also cater to those who love fashion, but are not really always comfortable with what fashion prescribes.  The result is our super-comfortable and very well-fitting breeches. Nice and simple - Just designed for

In addition to this, anyone who lives, works and deals with horses on a daily basis, knows that the primary articles of everyday clothing are riding breeches.  Our goal is to create a smart collection with a little edge and some cheeky detail, at an affordable price, making it easy to add variety to a daily look for ever-practical riding clothes ...

The people behind Mink Horse, not only have design-based training and backgrounds, but have, for many years worked with horses, being involved in various forms of equestrian sports as well as in breeding.  We believe we have a really good feeling for what you might enjoy, know how to test things out properly, before it goes into production.

Production is currently at various factories in India & Pakistan, where our regular visits ensure and verify our strict quality control standards are met.  In addition, we personally check that the factories offer proper conditions for employees.  Taking the local factors into account, we can confidently and in good conscience vouch that labour and environmental conditions are met, and no child labour is used in our production.

We trust that you too, will enjoy our products, and we welcome your ideas, comments or feedback to better serve you in the future....
Best Regards