Horse Rugs

Fantastic Horserugs for any need and all seasons ...
As a starting point, we want to make it as simple as possible to own a rug-using horse. Therefore, our horse rugs can be used in many different situations and covers most of the needs of horse owners regarding the choice of turnout rugs, winter rugs, stable-rugs and liners. Mink Horse of Denmark's Tripple-A series (3-in-1) covers most of the requirements that you can make for a horserug.
The series consists of 3 rugs –(rib-stop turn-out rug, 350 g liner/stable-rug, 270 g 2-layer fleece-cooler) – which can be combined with each other as needed, or used separately according to season and wish.
Our Xth series consists of stable/cooler rug in the well known and highly priced, top insulating and wicking Thermo-texture material of Wool and Polyester. The series also offers thermo-texture quarter-rugs and exercise sheets with or saddle-cut.
Further, we offer quarter-rugs in 2-layer luxury fleece and waterproof thermo material.