Equestrian equipment for the Horse

Mink Horse of Denmark - nice functional riding equipment for the pampered horse ...

It is both important and satisfying to have the correct and fitting equipment for the horse.
When we develop our riding equipment, we always test our new products together with a handful of professionals and selected riders, from the various branches of the equestrian disciplines.
This ensures that our products not only appear elegant and beautiful with a nice design and many details, but also works in practice and fulfills the needs they are intended for.
Our range covers fantastic and innovative horserugs, elegant and functional saddle pads with or without memory foam, soft and smooth leather halters, lovely bandages, bandage pads and horseboots with memory foam and much, much more ...

Saddle pad with lots of function.
Our saddle pad does not just look good, but has many functional features. If you want a light and elegant saddle pad or if you're more into a saddle pad with pressure-distributing, shock absorbing with memory foam, then all our saddle pads come with anti-slip, quick-dry backside and air duct along the back for optimum ventilation.


Fantastic Horserugs for any need and all seasons ...
As a starting point, we want to make it as simple as possible to own a rug-using horse. Therefore, our horse rugs can be used in many different situations and covers most of the needs of horse owners regarding the choice of turnout rugs, winter rugs, stable-rugs and liners. Mink Horse of Denmark's Tripple-A series (3-in-1) covers most of the requirements that you can make for a horserug.
The series consists of 3 rugs –(rib-stop turn-out rug, 350 g liner/stable-rug, 270 g 2-layer fleece-cooler) – which can be combined with each other as needed, or used separately according to season and wish.
Our Xth series consists of stable/cooler rug in the well known and highly priced, top insulating and wicking Thermo-texture material of Wool and Polyester. The series also offers thermo-texture quarter-rugs and exercise sheets with or saddle-cut.
Further, we offer quarter-rugs in 2-layer luxury fleece and waterproof thermo material.


Leg protection for the horse.
At Mink Horse of Denmark you will find almost everything you need for protection of your horses leg.  Here you will find nice quality elastic bandages, luxury antistatic fleece bandages, combi bandages and knit bandages.
Our sublime bandage pad with memory foam with built-in bell-boot function is ideal for use with the elastic bandages for better protection and pressure relief of the horse's legs.
Dressage/All-round boots as well as stable- and Transport boots with Memory foam are super-nice and easy to apply and provide maximum protection of the horse's legs.


Halter and girth
Subtle leather halters in smooth and soft leather with strong buckles, that can be opened or adjusted on both sides, are available in many color combinations.
Super ergonomic innovative girth for the saddle made with memory foam, adjustable Y-buckle and centrally placed elastic band to allow the horse better room to breathe, available in black or brown and as dressage or jump style.


Functional Earnets in innovative materials.
Lightweight and elegant earnets for your horse, made in innovative mesh material for high breathability and fitted with elastic ears for increased comfort. Provides good protection against insects in the summer and also work as a light silencer.


Brow band for the bridle.  
Elegant brow band pimped with fine crystals for your bridle and Mink Horse of Denmark unique brow band with different national flags made in glimpsing crystals.


Our smart accessories for horse and pony
For use on both clothes and equipment, here you find our small, self-adhesive 2D rubber flag, equipped with both velcro and self-adhesive backing and can be put on, for example. Bandages, saddle pads, and grooming boxes etc. - limited only by your imagination….